Өрөмдлөгийн багаж хэрэгсэл
  •  Drilling bit
  •  Compressor
  •  Drilling fluids
  •  Drilling rig spare parts

Цахилгаан хэрэгсэл

a. Electrical control equipment

  •     ABB control products and systems
  •     Schneider Power management solutions
b. Transformers
  •     Undergroundsled transformer/ substation
  •     Auto transformer
c.  Battery and electrical facilities
  •     Deka batteries
  •     Plipips lamps
  •    Torch, electrical appliance
  •    Energizer D battery
  •    Circle ligcht
  •    Lighting system
d. Electrical cables and Switches
  •     Pressure switches
  •     Heavy duty pull switch
  •     Clipol duplex switch
  •     Electric wire and cable /Puda and Gaon/
  •     Extension cord